Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Sunshiney Day

Florida has had several dreary days but today we finally had a sunshiney day so it was off to the pool in my new bathing suit.   My suit comes from Maxine as part of her over 50 collection. This suit is truly the most comfortable suit in the world.  At $24.95 it's a steal.  Anyway, I took a piccie of the design on this one. The background is brown with teal design.
I found a great Etsy site for pictures of your pets. The site is owned by John Golden.  I was looking for a Lhasa Apso but unfortunately didn't find one but I left a message requesting he add the breed so I can buy one. Here's a sample of the Shih tsu.
Tomorrow is Grandparents Day. Hope all of you with grandchildren have a wonderful and blessed day!

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