Monday, October 24, 2011

My Simple Womans Daybook


Outside my window . . . it's late afternoon/early evening here. The sun is getting ready to set in the West.

I am thinking . . . It was an absoultely gorgeous day here today.

 I am thankful . . . for everything that went right today.

From the learning rooms . . . (if this applies)

In the kitchen . . . is all cleaned up after a dinner of chicken, red skin potatoes & brussel sprouts.

I am wearing . . . jeans, a pink tee and slippers

I am creating . . .

I am going . . . to paint the final coat on the driveway tomorrow

I am wondering . . . why oh why I ever started this driveway project.

I am reading . . . the directions on paint cans.

I am hoping . . . the last coat of paint goes on w/o any problems.

Around the house . . . getting behind inside because I'm working outside.

I am pondering . . .  What things or activities do I need to start saying “no” to?  What is it that’s draining my energy?

One of my favorite things . . . Mondays and My Simple Womans Daybook

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . painting the drive will probably take the next couple days. Thursday is another doctor appointment and on Friday I plan to go to the farm.

Here is picture I am sharing . . . 

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  1. Hi Marge!

    What a huge job!! We painted our garage a few years ago, and it wore us out! Good luck with it and please don't over do it... :0)

    Sounds like Florida is also winding down for Fall - enjoy that beautiful weather!


  2. Uh yea, that's how I'm going to feel when I actually start fixing our shower. LOL Praying it goes smoothly for you. Blessings from SWD!

  3. Just popping over from the Simple Woman's Daybook. Sounds like a lovely dinner. Hope the rest of the painting project goes smoothly for you.

  4. Hi Marge, Hope you weren't too pooped after the driveway project. How was the Farm? Are the boys doing ok. And how is precious Dahli. Take care of yourself, five more weeks to go before we are on the road. *hugs*