Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hand & Foot

Yesterday was our 1st Hand & Foot Tournament. It was organized by our co-op Secretary Linda Haven. Linda and her hubby, Byron spend their summers at Cloud 9 in Arkansas and come back to Lake Bonnet Village in the Fall with tons of ideas. The Tournament was her latest great idea. We had a great time and here's a piccie of the winners.
Linda Haven, Ron Medema & Marilyn Eldred
Claire Tracy is missing from the picture.

The driveway that I painted last week was finally ready for vehicle parking this week so here's Bessie proudly parking on her new spot. Phew! I'm sooooooooooo glad that job is done!
I'm pleased that the color of the driveway matches the color of the car almost perfectly. Pretty good, huh?

Dahli goes to the groomer shortly so I guess I better go!. Until next time . . . God bless!


  1. Hi Marge!

    Looks like everyone had a great time and got a little richer at the same time! I love Hand and Foot!!

    Your driveway looks spectacular! That's a lot of work - we did our garage, and it is very time consuming! It does match your car - good job!

    I'm going to give my 100 pound Black Lab a bath today - wish me luck! Good luck to you at the groomers!


  2. Hi Marge! Is Hand and Foot a card game? I don't know it but looks like money exchanged hands! :) Your driveway turned out great and it does match your car! I always like that champagne color. (((Hugz)))

  3. painting a driveway? wow, that takes dedication! Looks nice.

    Have a lovely weekend Marge xx