Sunday, January 1, 2012

Greetings to 2012

Hope yours was a safe and Happy New Year.  Here in the Village, there was a dance at the Community Hall, a party for all the non-dancers at the West Clubhouse and a little get-together at my place with the folks that live on my street.  Choosing which one to attend is no easy task but in the end I'm happy to say the group that came to my house was the one I was hoping for and we had a great time.

We ate and ate and ate from a huge variety of food stuffs which all my neighbors donated.  We played cards, ate again and then welcomed in 2012.

The tables and chairs were promptly cleared after the celebration and if you looked around you would never suspect that a party had taken place a short time ago.  The place looked perfect.

By 12:40, the card tables and chairs had been loaded onto the golf carts they came in and my dear sweet neighbors were on their way home feeling well fed and quite satisfied with themselves.  What a lovely sight as I watched them all drive into the night with a 'Happy New Year' wish on their lips.

Today is 'take-down' day.  I don't much care for putting Christmas decorations away.  I'm actually quite crabby when the day comes but I'm trying to behave a little better today.  The place looks on the naked side right now but as time passes I will get used to the new look and think to myself 'how pretty it was while it lasted'.  Hope yours is a happy day!


  1. Wishing you much joy and good fortune in 2012, Marge! :)
    We are still on a holiday mood (the 6th is an Italian holiday). xo

  2. Well happy take down day... and hope that you are in a great mood! I did not do a big decorate this year so it was easy to take down. Have a blessed 2012!

    Tänia of
    Simply God's Girl