Friday, June 8, 2012


I've been a long time fan of Susan Branch.  I love her blog and I love her stuff.  I'd buy everything she has if I could afford it but I can't & so I don't.  But . . .on her blog yesterday she announced  that her 2013 calendar was ready and in the store.  I dashed over and saw that the shipping charges were almost as much as the calendar itself.  The same thing happened last year so I didn't buy it but . . . this year I just couldn't resist. Me bad!  I'm thinking that it could be my Mother's Day gift to myself.  That would be ok, don't you think?
 She's over in England with her hubby right now and is probably spending way more money than she should so in my own small way I'm offsetting her vacation expenses.  She would be grateful if she knew so that makes me feel good. Happy w/e everbody!


  1. Hi Marge!

    I also love Susan Branch - isn't she just sooooo talented! Yes, you do need to buy yourself a Mother's Day gift, that her calendar will be perfect!


  2. Hi Marge;
    That's what stops me from buying a lot of things. The shipping charges are almost and sometimes more than the item. :-{ Have a lovely day ahead. Hugs