Friday, July 13, 2012

Bugs . . .

It's official! I have cinch bugs again!  the Bugs B Ware man came this morning and comfirmed my suspicion. bummer! I put Bug B Gon MAX down twice and I still get the cinch bugs. It's not fair! It's unAmerican. Why me?  So guess what world? I'm giving up on the DIY stuff and putting the sod in the hands of experts.

I've dug up this part of the yard 2 times already and this will be #3. No more.  I'm done digging up sod and I'm done worrying about the lawn. From now on, Bugs B Ware will come every other month and do what needs to be done and I will hand over $35.00 and thank heaven that I don't have to do it anymore.

The only thing I'm asking myself is: Why didn't I do this sooner?


  1. Hi Marge!

    I have never heard of a Cinch Bug, I guess we don't get them in Idaho?! It sounds like I should be glad. Although . . . we get all kinds of horrible bugs here, some I can't even think about without getting the hi-bee-gee-bees!! Glad you figured out how to control them!

    Have a wonderful week-end!


  2. Hi Marge;

    Never heard of cinch bugs but I agree with you. It's worth the price each month to keep them away.

    Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs