Monday, July 30, 2012

If It's Monday . . .

FOR TODAY:  It's My Simple Womans Daybook Day
Outside my window...
I'ts been a cloudy morning but the sun has finally decided to wake up and give us some sunshine.
I am thankful...
that Dick (my ex) is doing ok.  His cardiac defribrillator went off yesterday evening.
The jolt knocked him to floor and put him in the hospital.  The biggest complication is a compound fracture of his little toe which is very painful and a dangerous situation for a diabetic.
In the kitchen...
I baked bread and peeled and sliced cucumbers yesterday. I'll add sour cream to the cukes and have some with my dinner tonight. Yummy!
I am wearing...
shorts, tee shirt and barefoot
I am creating...
still working on creating my Christmas in July list.
I am going...
to change bed linens today and do a good scrub in the bathroom. Yuck!
I am wondering...
if  Dorothy's Ruffled Originals is going to give me a refund for the dust ruffle I ordered but they never delivered. What a disappointment.
I am reading...
I just finished "Safe Harbor" by Nicholas Sparks and am going to start "Handyman" by Linda Nichols.
I am hoping...
that Dick has a speedy and complete recovery.
I am looking forward to...
August 10th.  The movie "Hope Springs" starring Meryl Streep & Tommy Lee Jones OPENS.
Around the house...
I finally finished washing the vinyl windows in the Florida room.  My next project will be painting the shed.  It's plastic so I have to figure out if I need a special paint for plastic. Anybody know?
A favorite quote for today... 
 "It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else". Irma Bombeck
One of my favorite things... hot weather refreshment
This one is called "Skip & Go Naked" and I found it at Susan Branch
These are really delicious and pink like Double bubble gum.
2/3 c. cold beer
2/3 frozen pink lemonade concentrate
1/4 c. vodka

Fill blender 1/2 way with ice. Pour in beer, lemonade & vodka. Blend well & serve. 'Icy pink perfection' is what Susan calls it.'  Click on the graphic to download the recipe.
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Hand & Foot this evening, CardBingo on Wednesday, hair cut on Thursday & I'll leave for the farm on Friday.
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  1. Hi Marge! Hope Dick will recover okay! I hope the defibrillator went off for a good reason since it caused other problems! My Swedish grandmother always made cucumbers in sour cream- really refreshing! What a funny drink name... sounds interesting with the beer but guess that's needed for the carbonation. Enjoy the week ahead! (((Hugz)))

  2. Hi Marge;

    I pray that your ex Dick recovers soon. Here is a site you can go to for painting plastic. I checked it out and learned a lot myself.

    Painting Plastic - How To Information:

    Have a great day ahead my friend. ;-}

    1. Wow! You are the best Toni. Thanks.

    2. You're welcome my friend. ;-}

  3. Hi Marge;

    Dropped in to wish you a happy Wednesday. Have a great day. Hugs

  4. Hi Marge, I had a nice visit today. Hope your ex is doing better. How are you doing. I told my dad that growing old sucks and he laughed and agreed. I love that song, Day by Day. I wanted to let you know I have pictures of my Hawaii trip linked at my blog. Lots of pages since I was there for 12 days. Love your Olympic mood girl. I will ask Sadie if she can send me one since I ordered her mood girls before. Have a nice week and have fun painting! Hugs and belated Happy Birthday!

  5. Long time no speak Marge! Belated birthday wishes to you!

    Hope Dick recovers quickly. What a terrible scare.

    Loved your list. You're a busy lady, with lots going on and lots to look forward to!

    Please could you do me a favour? The Oympics Mood Girl graphic has been requested by Susan, but I no longer have any of them on my computer. They were on my old one which quite literally blew up last year. I hadn't saved them to disk, so other than a few that are on various Picasa blogger photo albums, I have none. Would you send the Olympic girl on to Susan for me please? That would be wonderful.

    Time I was off. Girly girl is on summer hols, so she is keeping me busy! We're having a fabulous time, and the husband is off for two weeks too. He was at the Olympic football last week, and will be at the stadium on Tuesday. He loves sport! And actually, it's been quite addictive. Yesterday was an excellent day for Team GB, we are so incredibly proud over here!

  6. Hi Marge!! I hope you are having a nice week. I also HATE cleaning the bathroom. YUCK is right!! Have a nice weekend and I hope Dick is ok!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  7. Wow. Sorry to hear about Dick but I hope is doing better! Really want to see the movie as well.

    Hope you have a great week!

    Simply God's Girl