Monday, October 22, 2012

If It's Monday . . .

It's Simple Womans Daybook Day
Outside my window... A chilly morning here.  It's down to the 60's. Mr. Sun is peeking over the trees and should be shining in my windows shortly. In the 80's this afternoon.

I am thinking...  that I should be watching GMA right now.  Taylor Swift is taking over Times Square pushing her latest album called "Red".  She's not only a cutey but sooooooooooo talented.

I am thankful...  for my golf cart.  It's sitting right outside my window on the charger.  Without the golf cart, trying to get around would be a real problem. Here's what it looked like when it was brand new.  It's a little beat on now.
In the kitchen... cereal and a banana for breakfast.  Working on a hot cup of coffee right now.

I am wearing... pajamas and sweatshirt

I am going... to wash down another section of the house today.  Bob Noyse usually washes the house for me but this year he ran into a problem with his power washer so I'm doing a section of a time by myself. Ugh!

I am reading... I finished "The Jane Austen Book Club".  Slow and tedious at times so I probably would not recommend it.  Over the w/e, I read "The Walk to Grace" by Richard Evans.  A quick read and a lovely story.  Started "Courting Emma Howe" by Margaret Robinson.

I am looking forward to... Halloween.

I am pondering...  "Plutocrats" by Chrystia Freeland.  I watched Bill Moyer & Company and his guests talked about the wealthy .01%.  Interesting stuff.

A favorite quote for today...  ”An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” - M.K. Gandhi

 One of my favorite things... PBS.  My latest favorite is "Call the MidWife".  Really good!

A few plans for the rest of the week: tomorrow is Bunco, Wednesday is cardBingo and Shuffle has been changed to Thursday this week.  That leaves Friday open for some FUN like lunch and a movie, huh?

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  1. Happy Monday Marge;

    It's partly cloudy and 44 degrees right now but supposedly will reach 66 and rain. Hard to believe with the sun coming out.

    How I would love to be able to have a cart to ride around into the village with. This area is not made for them as it's a real hill type boondocks area as you can see from my photos and the village is 2 miles downhill from me.

    I only have about 4 books on my list to read and the newest one "What The Cat Saw" will be the last. I'm glad it got me back into reading again.

    Love the quote. I DVR'd Upstairs Downstairs last night and will watch it this afternoon.

    Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs

  2. Hi Marge, I actually did my SWDaybook too. and changed the graphics at GOF. Can you please send me the Peachies. I did get 4 from you but no certificates. Have a great day! Hugs

  3. I'm loving the cooler weather right now! I understand we may get some wind and rain from TS Sandy out in the Atlantic but I sure don't expect much. Those golf carts are wonderful to have and perfect for you.
    Would love to get together with you sometime! Miss our visits together.

  4. Hi Marge! I heard that about that book- our friend Liz is a librarian so she reads lots of books... plus she's British so was hoping it would be a great read. I like your golf cart! We have friends who live in a golf cart community. (((Hugz)))