Monday, October 29, 2012

If It's Monday . . .

It's "My Simple Womans Daybook" Day

Outside my window...  it's sunny but cold and windy.  Not the Florida weather that I'm used to. It's going to be cool all week. Brrrr and Grrrr

I am thinking...  about all of those that will be affected by Hurricane Sandy.  They call it a superstorm and a monster storm that happens once in a life time.  I call it pretty darn scarey.

I am thankful...   that every one has had a chance to get ready for the storm.

In the kitchen...   a bowl of oatmeal as soon as I'm done with this entry.

I am wearing...   sweats and warm slippers

I am going...  to stay inside today except for taking Dahli to the dog walk

I am reading...  Just finished "Courting Emma Howe" by Margaret Robinson.  Reading "Visions of White" by Nora Roberts right now.  "The Christmas Box" by Richard Paul Evans is next.

I am hoping...  that our weather warms up soon and that the Hurricane doesn't hurt anymore people.

I am looking forward to...   Thanksgiving and seeing Melanie over the Thanksgiving holidays

I am learning . . . a history lesson on the History Channel.  They have a series that I'm watching every Tuesday night called:  "The Men Who Built America".  It started with Cornelius Vanderbuilt, John Rockefeller, Tom Scott and Andrew Carnegie.  Coming up is J. P. Morgan and Henry Ford.  It's on Tuesday at 9.
In the picture . . . The first man is Tom Scott (who I've never heard of before) , the tall one is John Rockefeller (a native Clevelander), Cornelius Vanderbuilt (is the one with the beard).  The one on the right is J. P. Morgan.  The next series is . . . " Mankind: The Story of All of Us" Series Premiere Tue., Nov. 13 at 9/8c

Around the house...  It's time for some housecleaning and getting my house ready for the holidays

I am pondering...  how the upcoming Presidential election is going to turn out.

A favorite quote for today...  "If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door." - Milton Berle

 One of my favorite things... Halloween
A few plans for the rest of the week:  Dahli goes to the groomer and I'll do some grocery shopping while she's there,  a Halloween Party at Card Bingo on Wednesday (cider & donuts, I think), shuffle on Thursday and I'll probably go vote on Friday.

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  1. It sure did chilly last night. It's sunny now and bit warmer. I'll have to catch that History channel series. I like those kinds of shows. I'm looking forward to our day together too. It will be fun. Stay warm! Sure praying for those in the north east!

  2. Hi Marge, I'm glad you don't have to worry about Sandy. Looks like New Jersey is taking a beating. We have high winds but nothing too terrible yet, hope it stays that way. I'm reading "The Casual Vacancy" and it's a bit of a disappointment. Take care. *hugs*

  3. looks like some of us need to build some door then!