Saturday, October 27, 2012

Meet Doris . . .

This is Doris.  Today is Doris's Birthday.  Doris is 95 years young today.  Isn't that amazing?
Don't think for one minute that Doris is anything short of a party girl.  This is  the picture I took of her at our 4th of July picnic.  Let me tell you some amazing things about Doris.
* she is a sharp dresser and always wears a "bow" on the back of her head
* we call Doris "Bow Lady"
* she walks her little puppy, Maggie, every morning.
* she plays hand & foot at the West Clubhouse every evening
* she still has her own teeth (amazing)
* she smoked until she was 70 and then decided to quit
* she drives her black Chrysler Town & Country around town
* she drives her golf cart around the Village
* she never misses card Bingo or Bunco at the Shriners.
* she goes to the Baptist Church at Charlie Creek every Sunday
* she is sweet, talkative, friendly, and totally amazing to all of us

In a nutshell, this is Doris, the Bow Lady.  She is a Lake Bonnet Village treasure. There's a lot to be learned from Doris.  Hope you enjoyed meeting her.


  1. Happy birthday to Doris! She looks like she is full of life!

  2. Wow! She's pretty amazing! That's pretty unusual to still be driving at 95! Good for her! Hope you have a nice weekend and stay safe from the Frankenstorm! (((Hugz)))