Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I must admit . . . I went on a virtual shopping spree.  On Friday, I ordered the first 2 items that were reduced
for a Today Show special.
8.0 mm White Genuine Pearl Earrings from Pearls of Joy for $29.00
SET TWO soy candles for $19.95 Sandalwood et Vanille and Andean Cherimoya from AQUIESSE CANDLES

"Kindle Fire 7", LCD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers"

Electronics; $129.00  A great price they offered on cyber Monday
As I mentioned before, my little laptop is on the way out so I had to order a new baby.  
This one came on Monday

Dell 17" Laptop Intel Core i3 4GB RAM 500GBHD w/ Anti-Virus & Tech Suppport
Retail Value: $1,312.00
QVC Price: $677.00
Event Price:
Don't have it set up yet.  I need to get a 8 gb memory stick so I can restore if and ever it's necessary.  Once I have that done I'll finish the setup and start using it.  Can't wait.


  1. Great buys Marge;

    Wish I would have checked Amazon for the Kindle Fire. Maybe in time. ;-} Does the new laptop have Windows 7 or 8? I'm thinking of getting 8 but only if it supports my PSP7 program.

    Email on the way regarding Christmas cards. Hopefully it's the right addy. Have a great day ahead my friend. Hugs

    PS: My Dr. cancelled my appointment until Monday.

  2. So glad you got a new lap top. And all your other things too! Looks like you had lots of fun!

  3. Hi Marge;

    Nothing new here or at my place either. My doctor's appointment was cancelled until Monday. I spent the day doing light housework and catching up on shows I had DVR'd. Today I get to go shopping with my son. With time going so fast I was also caught up in rushing the holiday decorations. I'm not really like that as I hate rushing the seasons.
    Have a great day and weekend my friend. Hugs

  4. Hi Marge,

    So glad your new laptop arrived; it's a nice one! Also glad to hear you spoiled yourself a wee bit; always good to do that for ourselves once in a while. And, feels even better when you get in on spiffy bargains like that! ;)

    Have a super weekend. ((hugs))

  5. Hi Marge, How nice to treat yourself to some really good deals. I will need a new laptop in the near future too. I have an old Kindle and I would love to get a new one too. So many toys, but not enough time to play. Have a great week. Hugs