Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 18 . . .

The 22 Days of Thanksgiving - I am thankful for:

Day 1:  turkeys
Day 2:  Chris, Lisa & Daniel coming for lunch!
Day 3:   A fun time at Highlands Hammock celebrating the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) 27th Festival
Day 4:  A new priest assigned to our parish.
Day 5:  Maxine
Day 6:  The right to VOTE
Day 7:  An Obama victory!
Day 8:  that I won 3 games at shuffle this morning
Day 9:  jigsaw puzzles.  Today I'll start "Roadside Food Stand"
Day 10:  my happy little home
Day 11:  all the veterans
Day12:  physicians & health care workers
Day 13:  birthdays -  Today's my granddaughter Jackie's birthday. She's a sweetie!
Day 14:  our token Fall trees here in the Village
Day 15:  my great hairdresser, Michelle
Day 16:  my sweet furrball girlfriend, Dahli
Day 17:  red geraniums
Day 18:  Sundays - pray, rest & relax

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