Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 4

The 22 Days of Thanksgiving - I am thankful for:

Day 1:  turkeys
Day 2:  Chris, Lisa & Daniel coming for lunch!
Day 3:   A fun time at Highlands Hammock celebrating the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) 27th Festival
Day 4:  A new priest assigned to our parish.
Hope you're having a great w/e. Hugz!


  1. Hi Marge! Remember we did a HW assignment called Thankful Thirty? It's a good thing to think of things....big and small... that you're thankful for. I'm going to be thankful this election is over! I'm tired of all the robo-calls, the late mail delivery because of all the campaign propaganda, etc. I voted a week ago! Enjoy the week ahead!

  2. Hi Marge, I got your quilt square. Thank you.
    Have a great week! Hugs