Saturday, December 8, 2012

12 Days of Christmas . . . Day 1

Diane Sawyer on the ABC Evening News claims that if each of us spent $66 on gifts 'made in the USA' a whole lot of jobs would be created.  With that goal in mind, I'm joining Tina Polito @ China Ate My Jeans (CAMJ) in her 12 Days of Christmas gift suggestions.

Today is Day 1  and it's called:

Just Hear Those {USA-Made} Sleigh Bells Jingling…

Have you ever heard of  Lehman's ?  They have hundreds of USA-made products (and some imports; check carefully before you choose). My favorites are those made in Amish country. Here is one item to get you started:

Lehman's Sleigh Bell Door Hangers  $8.95

Yup, real honest to goodness American-made jingle bells.  They come in nickel-plated or brass-plated finish.
These will be perfect hanging on my golf cart.  I'll be sounding like Santa' sleigh going down the street.

Tina says "To me, purchasing gifts Made in the USA is a proactive way to take a stand, show I care, put money to mouth and say thanks to the USA."

I agree! and ordered my sleigh bells and a few other goodies. Wonder what she has for us on Day 2.

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  1. Great idea, Marge. I get a bit shocked to see just how much we buy is not made in the USA. I like the door bells. I was actually looking for something like this when I was house breaking Mandy. I had read that you can train your dog to shake the bells when they needed to go outside. She would have just shook them all the time! Have a great day.