Saturday, December 1, 2012


Happy December 2012

I was so happy when my new little Dell arrived but that turned to not so happy when I found out that I had to buy a new printer to go with my new puter. 

My Kindle Fire came today and if you've guessed  more aggravation you'd be right.  The first thing they tell me to do is charge the device, right?  Well, in order to do that I need something called a Kindle PowerFast charging accessory.  Did it come with the Kindle.  Of course not.  Did they ever mention that I would need one of these. Of course not.  So I promptly ordered one from Amazon and it will be here in 7-8 business days.  Oh goodie

All this excitement (aggravation) around here playing with new toys meant I've not had much time for posting or visiting. Sorry! I'll try to do better. 

Happy w/e. 

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  1. I feel your frustration! When I got my laptop I finally was able to find a driver to download so that my printer worked but it took some effort!
    Marge, I don't know how to attach the link to the graphic in the post. If I use someone's graphic, I usually make a note at the very end of the post "____ graphic courtesy of _______ and link there. I'd be interested in knowing to do it a better way too. Have a great weekend!