Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 8 & Day 9 . . . & Sign the Petitions

Day Eight of CAMJ’s Twelve Days of Christmas, American Style… is  HERE

Day Nine of CAMJ’s Twelve Days of Christmas American Style… is  HERE

Tomorrow is our nation's official day of mourning for the victims of Newtown Connecticut.

To honor the victims and their families please consider clicking on the following links. Thanks.

Here's the way you can find out who your congressperson is in the House of Representatives.

When you get his name, Google him, there will be a contact for him, a phone number or email address you can write to.

This is a petition   to the House of Representatives and the Senate you can sign . . .
Right now, at gun shows, where 40% of guns are purchased, no background checks are required.  We, the people, have to take off our shoes in airports, but anyone, including terrorists (and criminals and mentally ill) can legally buy assault weapons in this country.  A sensible woman does not agree with this.

You can sign a White House petition for better mental health care by clicking  HERE.

Here's  one to ban assault weapons,

 Also, Diane Feinstein, Senator from California has a bill ready to go to Ban Assault Weapons and those big clips with hundreds of bullets in them.  She says we should “get weapons of war off the street.” Supporting this woman in her quest is the sensible thing.  Click HERE to sign it.

Wal-mart, you will be happy to learn, has just pulled the Bushmaster Assault Rifle off its shelves. This is a very good sign.

One of the good guys spoke out yesterday, and made me cry.  I detected a little Superman cape around this guy …. perhaps an “S” on his T-shirt. Proud of him. Proud of the way people are coming together to grieve, to pray, and to find answers.  Click  HERE  to see him.

Thanks to Susan Branch  for the links.

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  1. Hi Marge! Good for you for finding those links. I was just writing to Kim that this needs to be attacked on so many fronts! There isn't just one answer. There's so many issues contributing to this mess we find ourselves in. We need to act and not let those children to have be lost in vain! Happy winter tomorrow! (((Hugz)))