Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What's new in 2013?

I'm taking a suggestion from Susan Branch this year.  Instead of thinking about Goals &/or resolutions, I'll be thinking in terms of  THE CARE AND FEEDING OF DREAMS.  

Dreams. . .  you gotta have them . . .they are so much better than resolutions, don't you think?  Dreams can be very flexible.  they can stay dreams or they can become a reality if only we care for them and feed them. That's what really nice about dreams.  So how do you care for and feed your dreams?  You gotta check out Susan's page to find that out. 

My granddaughter, Amanda's dream came true.  Being in NYC on New Years Eve was her dream and it came true this year.  Here she is with hubby, James in NYC.
WICKED!!!! — with James Stewart at Wicked On Broadway-Gershwin Theater.

When I'm not busy caring for & feeding my dreams, I'll be reading or playing games on my Kindle.  Really like my new little toy. Ordered a case for it yesterday and that should come on Friday. If you're looking for a case for yours, check out  THIS LINK.  

Happy hump day!


  1. Hi Marge! Jeff and Jessica love their Kindle's too. Nice case- I like the kickstand part. I ordered the fast chargers for them, too, so they could use it while traveling. I need to find good headphones or earplugs for them, too. Happy 2013!

  2. Hi Marge!

    I love that idea - we all have dreams for ourselves, let's make a few of them come true! Adorable picture, and what a fun memory making trip!

    I love my Kindle! My husband and I both got one for Christmas, we've had lots of fun!!


  3. Dreams are very important. So glad your grand daughter was able to be in NY for NYE. All of I can think of are the crowds! I've been debating about a Kindle. Maybe in a few months!