Friday, February 8, 2013


The California kids were doing the Disney thing again and sent me this picture which I gotta share.  Can you tell they really love it there.  There's talk about them coming to Florida and going to Disney World in April.  It makes my heart sing to even think about it.  Hope that one comes true.
Love this piccie of Caden, Tiffany & Sierra

I found this next picture at Lisa's and liked it so much I just had to share it here.  You have to click on it to see the larger picture to read it.
Happy Friday!  Those of you in the areas affected by the latest blizzard named Nemo; you're in my thoughts and prayers. and to everyone else; hope you have a wonderful w/e. 


  1. Happy Friday Marge;

    Great photo of the Calif. kids. I know how you feel for just the mention that my grandchildren might come here in the summer makes my heart sing. I've seen that "50 Things" and have it somewhere on my flash drive.

    It's just starting to snow here and the worst is yet to come. I'm bunkered down and cooked all morning and am fine with food and supplies. So far, so good. ;-} The power co. called to be prepared for power outages. Nemo is supposedly the winter version of Sandy. Keep praying.

    Have a lovely weekend my friend. Hugs

  2. Hi Marge, Another great picture. We are glad we are in FL and not at home right now. Have a great weekend. *hugs*