Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day & Survivor

Hope yours is the best Valentine ever!!

It's been such a busy week.  It's hard to figure out where the time goes.  Yesterday was our Spring Fashion Show Luncheon.  There were 18 ladies modeling outfits from the Dress Barn and Bealls Department Store.  There were so many darling outfits but my favorite was this one that Mary Jo was wearing featuring cruise wear.  Isn't it pretty?
 Card Bingo was last night & when I got home at 8 I started channel surfing and much to my surprise, Survivor was on.  Couldn't belive I had almost missed it!  Actually, I only missed the first 15 minutes out of the 90 minutes it was on.  Fans vs. Favorites.  A lot of old faces.  Even Malcolm from last time. A nice surprise!  Guess you know what I'll be watching every Wednesday, huh? 

Happy w/e. 


  1. Hi Marge. I found you through Barb's blog. I like Survivor too. You can see what you missed on on the Survivor section. Have a lovely evening!

  2. Hi, Marge. I do like Mary Jo's outfit. Looks so tropical and comfortable.
    So sorry I haven't gotten back with you about getting together. It's been a bit crazy here. Hopefully this next month. When will you be at the farm again?

  3. Hi Marge, That is a very pretty outfit, I love the color. Have a great Sunday! *hugs*