Monday, February 18, 2013

The Week-end

Even though it was a very cold week-end, it should warm up gradually during the week. My garden looked so lovely for Valentine's Day that I took a picture to share with you here.  The geraniums and amyryllis blended together to make it a really pretty picture.

Sunday afternoon was a Pie & Ice Cream fund raiser here at Lake Bonnet.  Here's just a few of pieces of pie to chose from.  Dee-lish!!

Last night was the finale of Downton Abbey Season 3.  Big shock was they killed off Matthew.  Just when he's just about the happiest he's ever been in his whole entire life - he dies.  Season 4 should be interesting to see how Mary handles a new baby and widowhood.

Today is Computer class so that's where I'll be this afternoon.  Happy President's Day!!


  1. Hi Marge! Your red flowers are very festive for both Christmas and Valentine's day! Add some blue pansies and maybe white carnations and you'll be all set for the 4th! ;)

    Quickly skipped over the Downton Abbey as we are watching it tonight but I did know the actor who plays Matthew has left the series.... I'm guessing a hunting accident since they were on the way to the lodge in the previews last week. :(

  2. I just started watching Downton Abbey on Netflix so I have a ways to catch up. I could have guessed that at some point Matthew would die. BTW, your flowers are beautiful... Here in Seattle we can't put out flowers at this time of year. Only Primroses survive or Pansies. Have a good week... Danna

  3. Hi Marge, Your flowers are very pretty! I would like to watch Downton but I have a lot of catching up to do. *hugs*

  4. Hi Marge;

    Beautiful flower garden. Great shot of the pies. I could eat a lot of them LOL. Glad I wasn't there.
    I was so angry at how Downton Abbey ended seeing Matthew killed in an automobile accident. I spent a good 10 minutes after the show yelling at the screen. First Sybil and now Matthew. And worse of all It's because both actors wanted more money. I hope I'll be over my anger when the new season starts. LOL! Hugs