Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring where r u ?

It's warm & WINDY. I mean really really windy. It's like blow you off the porch windy. It gets cooler tomorrow. That's because I spent most of the day yesterday putting cold weather clothes away and getting out the summer stuff. 

The sound system went out at Mass this morning. Today is Palm Sunday and that makes it the worst possible day for the sound system to go out. (Where were you when we needed you this morning, Andy?) Anyway they messed around with it long enough and finally got it to work again. Don't you just love happy endings?


  1. Hi Marge! Sorry about that windy weather. We get Santa Ana's here which are hot winds. I like them. :) Too bad the vintage trailer left without warning. Hope you have a great week ahead! (((Hugz)))

  2. PS. I see your blog roll has my King's Landing post but I don't have it up yet... will post tonight at midnight. I had it up for a few minutes to check on a video I posted so that must be how it registered.

  3. Hi Marge, So far the weather here is bearable, we had sun when we arrived home and sun on Friday. No sun today but it's a little warmer. I'd rather be in FL. *hugs*