Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It's the perfect "First Day of Spring" here. It's dreary with occasional sprinkles so my grass is very happy. 

Matt left for home yesterday morning. It was a sad time with Dad's passing away but I think he had a good time overall. He helped out with chores at the farm, spent a few days with me here in AP and even got to St. Pete to spend some time with the Dalton's. Nice!

I found a vintage camper here in the RV section. It's in really good condition and it's "4 Sale". ????price I've been looking for one for ages & I'm so tempted. Should I??

It looks something like but not exactly like this one!!


  1. What a cute camper! How would you pull it and where would you go? I have been with my sister the past few days going through my dad's paperwork. My brother is handling the estate and has me getting paperwork for taxes. I promised my dad I would take care all his paperwork for him. What is the farm? Hugs Susan

  2. Typing so fast I lost my comment... was saying how super cute that is and that you could make yours look similar with the 50's colors. We had several VW campers with the poptop and they were perfect for our family of 4 when the kids were small. Happy Spring!