Saturday, June 8, 2013


Happy Saturday!! We had sunshine yesterday for the first time in weeks.   If you listened closely, you probably heard someone cheering.  Well, that was me. :)  It's been so depressing with cloudy skies and rain all day for 2 weeks that I couldn't help celebrating!!

The good thing is Andrea woke me up about getting my hurricane stuff organized.  I went shopping yesterday and need to finish up shopping today.  I'm pretty much all set with food & water. Mostly I need  things in case of damage to the roof or house, ie. plastic sheeting, caulk and duct tape.  That should get done today.

I heard this suggestion on TV this morning which I plan to do today also.  That's taking pictures of everything in the house so in case of a loss, you can prove what you have to the insurance company.  If you think about it, it's probably a good thing to do wherever you live.  It's not enough to just take the pictures though.  You have to store them in a safe place.  The devil is in the details, you know?

Happy w/e, friends!

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  1. I have heard that you should take pictures also. I think we video taped our house a long time ago, but we have replaced almost everything and I do not know if we even have that tape anymore. I hope you got your stuff for hurricanes. Have a nice weekend. ((BIG HUGS))!!