Friday, July 12, 2013


Went out the other morning and much to my surprise I see a flower coming out the top of my pot of caladiums.  What's going on with that I wondered so I called Robbins Nursery and they told me to just cut off any flowers that might come up.  Apparently, if you get one you're gonna get a bunch so that's what I'll do.

Great news from Melanie. She's coming to visit me here in Lake Bonnet Village.  She's coming on Wednesday, July 31st so she will play card Bingo with us on Wednesday evening.  Can't wait for her visit!  It's not easy task for her to be able to come.  She has to make arrangements for someone to check in on her Mom and her puppy has to go to a Pet Resort.  So glad all her arrangements worked out.

Don't you just love having something to look forward to?


  1. Hi Marge, I would have left the flower, but I guess that wouldn't be right. Nice that Melanie is coming for a visit. *hugs*

  2. I wonder why the flower isn't left on. I guess it may spoil the look of the plant.
    Looking forward to our visit. I haven't played BINGO in a long time! Hugs

  3. Hi Marge!

    Your plant is lovely - I didn't know that they had flowers, it reminds me of a Lilly! Have a good visit with Melanie - she looks like a very fun lady!!


  4. Hi Marge!
    I wonder why you couldn't leave the flowers on the plant? Seems odd to cut them off to me.... So glad that Melanie can come for a visit! Have a great day! Hugs

  5. Hi Marge! I know if herbs go to flower, it's the end of the plant... like going to seed... so is that why they want you to remove the flower? That's great news about Melanie's visit! (((Hugz)))