Sunday, July 28, 2013

Caladium Festival

Going to the Caladium Festival in Lake Placid is something I look forward to doing every year.  The sign states that Lake Placid is: "America's Most Interesting Town" because they were awarded that title by Readers Digest for 2013.

Lake Placid is the Caladium capital in Florida.  I'm a newcomer to the Caladium fancy.  Mine is probably one of very few houses here in the Village that doesn't have Caladiums growing in abundance.  I have one large pot but that will soon be changing.  Instead of buying a pot of caladiums, I got 2 bags of bulbs.

One bag is labeled: "Florida Sweetheart" and the other one is"Mixed".  Wondering what that will turn out to be? I'll be busy planting them this week.

Ginny & Doris went with me to the Festival.
Here's what the "Florida Sweetheart" bulbs will grow up to be!
and here's a sample of some of those in the "mixed" bag!
Gorgeous aren't they?


  1. I'll have to get some info from you about Calladiums when we get together. I'm looking for something easy to grow in pots. They sure are pretty!

  2. Hi Marge!

    Gorgeous! I have never been to Lake Placid - I've never been to Florida...can I just live it through you?! Take lots of pictures of your Caladiums when they start growing, they are just beautiful!