Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fun time!

The doctor came as planned. She did a physical exam and asked about 100 questions.  She opened my refrigerator door to see if she could find all 5 food groups inside.  She made 1 suggestion; I should go to the Dentist at least once every 6 months.  She thanked me for my time and left.  End of story!

Andy's 54th birthday is on Sunday.  He & Debbie are going to Hommasassa Springs for the w/e & INVITED ME & DAHLI TO GO ALONG!  Yippee!  We'll be staying at Bella Oasis   It is pet friendly hotel.  Andy is taking the little boat so he can snorckle but we'll also have a pontoon boat that belongs to his friends, to get around on.  We'll be there on Friday, Saturday & Sunday nite.  I'm at the farm right now and we'll leave early tomorrow morning. Should be fun!

I've got to call Melanie Cook and let her know that I'll be in her neck of the woods for 3 days.  I'm hoping to talk her into coming to visit me in Homasassa for a boat ride and some friends time.  Wouldn't that be fun? Yes!


  1. What fun, Marge! I'll message you on FB with my phone number. I'm ablut 20 minutes from Homosassa Spr.

  2. Hi Marge!

    Glad everything checked out with the doc! Sounds like you have some fun days ahead - enjoy!!


  3. Hi Marge, I sure hope you and Melanie get to meet up.
    Homosassa Springs sure sounds nice. Have a great time!