Tuesday, July 16, 2013

House Call

OK, I admit that I am a Senior who is not in perfect health and who has what you might call a few medical issues.  But, my issues are well controlled by my Primary Physician, my Cardiologist & my Pulmonologist.  So I was rather surprised when I got this letter from Humana several months ago.

The letter starts off by announcing that Humana is:

"Offering me a No Cost In-home Health and Well-Being Assessment" (WHAT'S THIS ?? I'm wondering! Humana cares about my well-being? No Cost? I think that means FREE, doesn't it? I better read more!)

The letter goes on to say & I'm quoting here.
"At Humana, we want to help you improve your health and well-being,  As part of our care managemnent programs, we offer a no cost in-home Health & Well-Being Assessment conducted by CenseoHealth.  The DOCTOR  who performs your assessment will:
* take your temperature
* check your blood pressure & pulse
* monitor your breathing
* & get a brief medical history
Your primary doctor will receive the results."

If you look at the at the above list, there's really nothing there that a Nurse couldn't do.  When's the last time a DOCTOR took your pulse or blood pressure?  In fact, I thought Doctor's didn't know how to do vitals & figured that's why we had nurses.   There goes job security for nurses.

Anyway, several months went by so I set the letter aside and forgot about it until a few day ago when a Humana rep called to schedule an appointment.  A Dr. Barren will be visiting me on Wednesday, July 17th @ 1 o'clock. (OMG! Could it be true?  are house calls coming back?  Maybe!!

I'll let you know if I think there's something of value here or is Humana wasting our Medicare money?

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  1. Sounds weird to me Marge, but if it is free, why not. My dad was set up with a liason and he never even met her and she was okay, but I think things would have been good if she started a few years earlier. Little to late once she started. My daughter is starting a medical assistant program in Sept. but her long range goal is RN. Let us know how it goes. Hugs