Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fun at the Farm

I'm at the farm again this w/e.  Grilled pork chops and sour cream cucumbers for dinner last night.  Sausage gravy & biscuits for breakfast this morning.  Andy sure knows how to put some pounds on his Mom.

When I visited last week, Andy treated us to a boat ride down the Clermont Chain of Lakes.
It has been years since my last boat ride down the Chain so it was a real delight when tons of memories flooded back this time.  I have lots of pictures at Flickr and if you care to see them just click HERE.
We started off at the mouth of Lake Louisa and traveled North thru Lake Minnehaha & Lake Mineola and almost made it to Lake Cherry but the lily pads got so thick in the waterway that we had to turn back.

This week I plan to get some kitchen cupboards cleaned for the Labor part of this visit and pool time for the fun part.  A good trade off, I think! Hope yours is a fun day too!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Caladiums & Mosaic Maker

My caladium bulbs have finally made their debut and are big  enough to share with you.  I just love them and am so happy with the way they turned out.  The Florida Sweethearts look like this.

The bag of mixed bulbs held some pretty nice surprises.  Never expected to see the all red ones!

Here's the directions for making the mosaic's.  Thanks to Barb's Blog for sharing them with me.

Mosaic Maker

I have had several requests for instructions on making photo collages or mosaics, so I thought I would post a little tutorial here. For the past several weeks, I have been hosting a meme called Mosaic Monday. Each week, about 50 wonderful bloggers join the party. So far, subjects have included flowers, food, decorating, travel, scenery, butterflies, family and pets. Really, any subject that you enjoy photographing can make a great mosaic.

There are lots of options for making photo collages. You can do a Google search for "photo collage" and find a bunch. But here is what I do: I upload my photos to flickr, the photo-sharing website. Then I use a site called Big Huge Labs to create mosaics.

I strongly suggest that you sign up for an account at flickr, the photo-sharing website. I believe that the first 200 photos that you upload can be stored for free. After that, it costs $24.99 a year.

Once you have your photos on flickr, go to Big Huge Labs and find the Mosaic Maker.
Then let the fun begin. ;)

Here are some directions to make the layout that I use most often in my mosaics -- a large central picture, with smaller pictures surrounding it.

At the top of the page, you will see the command "Choose Layout." Click on the drop down menu and choose the last option -- 4X4 with large center.

You can choose the colors for your frame by clicking on the white boxes that say background color and border color. A color wheel will appear, and you may scroll over it and click on any color you like.

For "Space between Images" I usually choose 2 pixels which gives a rather narrow border, but this one is totally subjective -- use whatever you like.

You will be asked to choose 13 photos to fill this layout. Note that the large center photo is No. 1, and then they go across from the top row, second row, etc.

Once you have chosen your photos, click "Create." If you wish to edit it, click on "Edit" at the top of the mosaic. Then you can go back and delete or change any photos, background colors, etc. When you are satisfied, click on "Save" at the top of the page.

I hope this helps all of you who want to learn how to make a mosaic, and I also hope to see you all at Mosaic Monday. :)


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mosaic-First Try

I'm here at the farm and visited Dad today.  I combined the pictures I took today with the 'making a mosaic' instructions I found and got this! I like it & plan on trying more combinations.  If you're wanting the instructions, just let me know and I'll post them.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Memory Loss

When you get to be my age, memory loss seems to be discussed quite frequently.  For a long time, everyone feared the big C would get them and now that we've reached the winter of our lives we fear the big A will get us!

I happened across an article at the AARP website that suggests that some of the medications we take may be responsible, at least in part, for some memory loss.  The name of the article is: 10-Drugs-That-May-Cause-Memory-Loss and if you'd like to check it out you can read it HERE

Like so many others, I've been dreading the big A and several months ago I started doing some brain exercises online daily.  The first one is on facebook & it's called 7 Little Words and you can check it out HERE.

I'm also doing the exercises on  Lumosity.  So my friends, if you are wondering what's going on with your memory then here's some info to help enlighten you.  Hope you find it helpful!

UPDATE ON DAHLI:  She went to the Vet yesterday.  He says she's 50% healed.  Hooray! Just thought you might like to know!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Aw . . . poor puppy!

It was pretty much of a quiet week until Thursday morning when Dahli started limping.  I saw her sitting on the end of the bed looking out the window one minute and the next she was limping into the living room.

What the heck happened?  I palpated the leg she was holding up but got no reaction.  I called the Vet and they suggested a 'wait & see' approach.  Perhaps it would clear itself.

I went to the pool and returned in an hour and she was still limping.  I called the Vet and set up an appointment at 3 o'clock.

The Vet diagnosed her with a torn ligament in the knee. He calls it a sports injury.  She's 12 years old.  How sporty can she be?  Anyway, she got a steroid injection and a laser treatment.

The prognosis is: the knee will gradually improve and should be healed within 3 weeks.  Aw . . . poor puppy!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Lovely Visit

Melanie arrived safely around noon on Thursday and so the first topic of conversation was LUNCH.  She mentioned that as she drove thru Avon Park, she noticed our lovely hotel called the Jacaranda.  It just so happens that Melanie loves historic buildings and the Jacaranda is surely one of those so . . .

instead of going out to dinner, we decided to have lunch at the Jacaranda.  The lunch menu is limited to soup, salad bar & sandwiches. The choices were numerous and Melanie chose a ruben and I chose chicken fried steak.  Both were yummy.  
Here's a picture of the dining room complete with tablecloths and napkins.
I'm upset with myself for not having my camera ready and taking some of my own pictures especially one of Melanie and me.  But these will have to do for now.

The outside of the Jacaranda looks like this picture which I don't think really does it justice.

I might as well show the rest of the Jacaranda. This is the lovely lobby.

And last but not least, here's what the rooms look like.  This one has a Queen size bed but they have some with twin beds too.

You can read all about the Jacaranda HERE if you're interested.

After lunch, we went to Joyce's for coffee with the puppies.  Stayed in for dinner and ate some of my homemade chili topped with sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese.

Then we were off to play Sticks with 4 other ladies and I do believe Melanie enjoyed herself.

We talked until midnight and then finally went to bed.

Melanie left the following morning after breakfast.  Her visit was short but SWEET. I loved it.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Today . . .

is the 1st day of August and 

. . . is the day that Melanie comes to visit!  If all goes according to plan, she will be here around noon.  We'll have lunch and then sit down with an ice cream bar and catch up on all the latest news.  I'll take her for a ride in the golf cart and give her a tour of the village and tell her why I feel that living here is such a blessing.

Around 3 o'clock, we'll go to Joyce's for coffee hour (which usually lasts 2 hours but who's counting).  We'll go out to eat dinner at either The Clock or Bob Evans.  We'll have to eat early so we can be back by 6:15 to play Sticks.  It's a fun game that you play with cards.  She should like it!

Melanie's visiting takes a great deal of planning on her part.  She doesn't have the luxury of just getting up and going whenever she wants to.  She not only has to find a place to board her puppy but she also has to find a sitter for her Mom.  The little bit of her time that she shares with me has to be as relaxing and fun for her as possible.  That's my job and I hope she truly enjoys her "get away" day with me.