Sunday, August 11, 2013

Aw . . . poor puppy!

It was pretty much of a quiet week until Thursday morning when Dahli started limping.  I saw her sitting on the end of the bed looking out the window one minute and the next she was limping into the living room.

What the heck happened?  I palpated the leg she was holding up but got no reaction.  I called the Vet and they suggested a 'wait & see' approach.  Perhaps it would clear itself.

I went to the pool and returned in an hour and she was still limping.  I called the Vet and set up an appointment at 3 o'clock.

The Vet diagnosed her with a torn ligament in the knee. He calls it a sports injury.  She's 12 years old.  How sporty can she be?  Anyway, she got a steroid injection and a laser treatment.

The prognosis is: the knee will gradually improve and should be healed within 3 weeks.  Aw . . . poor puppy!

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  1. Hi Marge, glad it was not so serious. I am still paying on Reina's vet bill and it has been 3 years. I would have paid more if it would have kept her alive, but she was too sick. I still miss her so much. My grandson Eddie says Reina is with Nana and now Papa Sam. I like to think that. I have added lots of pictures at my blog. Have a great week. Hugs