Friday, August 16, 2013

Memory Loss

When you get to be my age, memory loss seems to be discussed quite frequently.  For a long time, everyone feared the big C would get them and now that we've reached the winter of our lives we fear the big A will get us!

I happened across an article at the AARP website that suggests that some of the medications we take may be responsible, at least in part, for some memory loss.  The name of the article is: 10-Drugs-That-May-Cause-Memory-Loss and if you'd like to check it out you can read it HERE

Like so many others, I've been dreading the big A and several months ago I started doing some brain exercises online daily.  The first one is on facebook & it's called 7 Little Words and you can check it out HERE.

I'm also doing the exercises on  Lumosity.  So my friends, if you are wondering what's going on with your memory then here's some info to help enlighten you.  Hope you find it helpful!

UPDATE ON DAHLI:  She went to the Vet yesterday.  He says she's 50% healed.  Hooray! Just thought you might like to know!


  1. Hi Marge! We are dealing with dementia and memory loss with Jeff's mom big time! It's really sad to see but she doesn't have any of the irritability that many people get with A! You are wise to be proactive but I think all your web activities probably have helped all along! Too bad with FB we are losing all the great web design skills we had in the past! Glad Dahli is healing from her sports injury! Little weekend warrior! LOL! :D


  2. I tried luminosity and its a lot of fun.
    Glad to hear Dahli is healing. Its sad to see pet friends hurting. They are so good about everything too.

  3. Hi Marge, My mom died of the Big A and so of course I am concerned. I am going to read the info on the medications. My dad was getting confused his last year but I think it was because of his liver failing but he did take a lot of medications. I posted pics of my grand daughters princess party at my blog. Have a great week. Hugs

  4. Hi Marge,
    My mom had one of the many forms of Dementia. It's coming on 4 years now, since she passed away. One of the most cruel diseases on this planet. I am glad to hear that Dahli is on the mend, Marge. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Lots of hugs