Monday, October 28, 2013


Sunday 27th . . . I had the scariest thing happen last night.  It was almost 9 & time to take Dahli out before bed when I began to hear these unusual animal sounds.  What the heck? What could that be?  I quick turned the lights off and pulled up the blind.  Where is it?  What is it?  I can hear it but I can't see it!  Forget taking Dahli out . . .  she'll have  to wait until the morning. 

I checked with my neighbors this morning . . . yep, they heard it too but don't what it was either.  What did it sound like?  "whoya" "whoya"  Any guesses? Hope it doesn't come back tonight.  That's all I know!

Monday 28th . . . Laundry & Clean House.  Dauber bingo at 6:15
Tuesday 29th . . . haircurt at 11 am & potluck at 5 pm.
Wednesday 30th . . . Bible Study at 9 am,  Dr, Danze for my back at 2:30 &  cardBingo at 6:30.
Thursday 31st . . . HAPPY HALLOWEEN BOO burgers at 5 pm. & cards at Doris's house at 6:15 pm.
Friday Nov 1st. . . . HAPPY NOVEMBER.  All Saints Day.  Mass at 8 am.  Cards at 6:15 pm.
Saturday Nov. 2nd . . . Truly Nolen comes to re-treat my house for termites.


  1. Wow! Marge, that sounds a little creepy. I have no idea unless it was the headless horseman saying "whoya" to his horse. ;-}
    Love your weekly listing. I'm so sorry about your loss of your friend too.
    Have a blessed day ahead.

  2. Scary. We had some owls making noise but the scariest is when the foxes scream. It sounds like someone is killing something. Just hair raising!
    You have a busy schedule!