Friday, November 8, 2013

AnnMarie Lechner -> Marge Lechner

hello beautiful lady! you have been on my mind alot lately...hoping all is well with you and Dahli! everyone says HELLO GRAMZ!
Like ·  · November 6 at 1:10pm near North Olmsted, OH · 
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  • Marge Lechner OMG! What a great surprise! I B OLD but I'm fine sweetie! My goal is to make it back to Cleveland one of these days! And when I do I'm gonna give all of you the biggest hug ever! Love you guys so much! xxx 
  • AnnMarie Lechner matt should be getting a layoff soon...the poor guy has been at the steel mill as the BIG BOSS! but he is on his 65th STRAIGHT day! 13 and 14 hour days...night shift. your son is one hell of a union worker but i fear they will work him into an early gr...See More
  • Andy Lechner i think jackie wants to come down to
  • Marge Lechner . . . we are talking about coming south...maybe after holidays!. . . . You are? That's it! That's what I want for Xmas. And to see Jackie too! That's what I want for Xmas, Santa!
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