Monday, November 4, 2013

Leaves . . .

Been outside raking leaves for most of the morning.  Came inside and had a Dove bar and a hot coffee.  Sooooo good!  I haven't been able to do much raking here lately.   I've been having trouble with my sciatic nerve since October 4th but it's finally getting better. Soon it will be time to get ready for my Dr. appointment. with my wonderful Chiropractor who has really helped with this  problem.Tonight is Bingo!  Hope yours is a Happy Day!


  1. Its good that you are getting relief from the sciatica. It is awful to deal with.
    Hope you win big at Bingo tonight!

  2. Not many leaves around my yard to rake but I do need to trim the bushes down in prep for winter. I'm loving these cooler temps though!