Friday, November 15, 2013


I'll be leaving for my Doctor's appointment shortly so I'll do this when I get home.   I'm home now & here's my answers.  

"Hearth and Home"

What does your dream home look like?  Can you describe it inside and out?
I have had several dream houses over the years. 

My first dream house was a brand new 8 x 35 foot trailer in St. Louis MO that we lived in while Dad was in the Army.  I had 2 babies in that home. 

My second dream house was Cape Cod out in the country in OHIO.  I had 2 more babies in this house for a total of 4. 

My third dream house was a ranch in the city of Rockford IL where the kids that now totaled 5, could walk to school. 

My fourth dream house was a 4 bedroom center hall colonial in OHIO that was close to work for Dad & me.  Did I mention we moved a lot?

My 5th & current dream house is the little Park Model that I live in at Lake Bonnet Village.  The hubby & kids are gone so that makes this my perfect dream house.  The title of my blog suggests that my home is little. 

What style of decorating do you lean toward, or are you an eclectic decorator using whatever is  on  hand?  Styles changed when the house style changed and our family grew.

What about fireplaces or woodstoves? Have one?  Love it too much work?
Don't have one, don't want one. The house at the farm has a fireplace but it's never used.

Describe your idea of the perfect day at home. 
Sitting in the Florida room, reading a good book with a Dove Bar in one hand and a hot cup of coffee near. 
Thanks to Annie  for the fun meme.

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  1. Hi Marge, you always talk of the farm. Is that the house in Ohio? When you say Dad, so you mean your hubby? Did not know you had 5 kids and you were a nurse too? Enjoy your week. Hugs