Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mini . . . Meme

I entered Apple Land yesterday and bought me a mini ipad.  It comes directly from CHINA (excuse me while I go throw up) on Tuesday the 12th.  Why oh why did I do it?  Buyers remorse is in the air this morning.

Hopefully, I can put CHINA in the back of my mind and learn to love my new purchase.  Gonna do the meme later! Thanks Annie.

Sights and Sounds

1. Do any smells remind you of hor anyone? Do they evoke feelings and emotions for you?
For me it's kitchen smells that are the best.  Cinnamon & I think of apple pie or baked apples,  Coffee brewing has a smell all it's own.  Bay leaves added to a veal stew.  OMG! I'm making myself hungry!   

2. Do you have a signature perfume that you love to wear?

Estee Lauder's "White Linen" 

 3. What kinds of scents do you find pleasing?
Lilacs & Lavender

 4. Do you enjoy burning candles in your home? What scents do you like?
Anything Yankee Candle has to offer.  Love them all.

 5. If you had to choose one landscape to view every day, would it be a city, farm, forest and country perhaps with pond or lake, or the ocean?
 A few cows laying under a tree in the green grass.

6. Do you like to have art hanging in your home? What kind do you like most?
Anything  Charles Wysocki

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  1. Glad you joined in the meme Marge! I enjoyed reading your answers and getting to know more about you.
    Have a great Monday!