Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Disneyland Birthday

This is a mosiac that Tiffany, Caden's auntie, made.
And this is what she said:

Today is this little cuties 6th Birthday!!!! I am so excited to see you at Disneyland and celebrate with him!!! Who knew you could love someone as much as I love my favorite nephew!!! I love you Caden Carlin Stewart!!! And a big shout out to his parents who made such a cute kid 6 years ago!!!! 

King Caden with his family.
Auntie Tiffany, Amanda, his Mom, Auntie Sierra and James, the dad.

 Blowing out the candles on his birthday cake

Gotta have a 'selfie' of you & your Mom on your birthday!

Looks like Caden had a absolutely perfect birthday party! 
Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures with us Amanda! Loved seeing them.


  1. What fun he must have had! To me, 6 years old is the perfect age to visit Disneyland!

  2. They did the same thing for my grandson who turned 6 when we were Disneyland. We hope to take him again next year.