Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Caden and January Meme

Today is my great-grandson, Caden's 6th Birthday. 

 Love this new little picture of him.  It was a year in September '13 since I've seen him but I'm so glad that Dad & I got to take that trip to California to see all our beautiful grandchildren that live there.

I love you, little guy and hope you have a fabulous day! 

January Meme from Annie

How about talking about the changing calendar....

1  Do you look forward to a new year or do you feel nostalgic for the old? A little bit of both, I think.  Every year has the special times that I really enjoyed.  On the other hand, I always wonder what adventures the New Year holds.
2. We are off to a cold start this January.  Are you hoping for an early spring or are you going to enjoy an icy winter time? Summertime where are you?
3. Do you like winter sports ?  Not so much but two of my boys played hockey so like it or not, I was a hockey fan.  What kind? Personally, my fave WAS cross country. 
4. What is your ideal way to spend a  cold winter day?  I prefer that they don't happen.  That's why I live in FL but since they happen anyway . . . watching an old movie or reading a good book always helps. 
5. Do you have a favorite winter meal that you love when the temperatures dip way down? Soup, soup and more soup.
6. How do you spend your time when the day is cold and blustery outside? Cooking, reading or watching TV.
7. Do you like to complain about cold/weather/snow/rain or do you just make the best of it all? You bet I complain . . . to anyone who will listen.  

Thanks to Annie for today's meme.


  1. Hi Marge, Your weather is colder than ours. Love your last answer. Caden is so cute with that hat. Does he live in San Diego? Stay warm. Hugs

  2. Hi Marge! Happy Wednesday! Happy birthday to Caden! He sure is a cutie pie. Loved your meme answers. Wish I was in FL right now. lol Have a great day. Hugs Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks for doing the meme Marge.
    Caden is adorable. You must be very proud. Happy New year and Happy birthday to Caden!