Saturday, January 11, 2014

Garage & Bake Sale

Today is our Annual Garage & Bake Sale. I sold 9 dozen donuts with a cup of coffee to match for $1.00 from 8 to 11 o'clock this morning.

If you've been to a restaurant lately, you'll agree  that's really quite a bargain.  We also sold funnel cakes, 80 of them for $2.00 each.

Our Community Hall was filled with tables full of stuff for sale.  There were some really good bargains out there.  I have to take a picture of my new little jacket that I got for $5.00.

Dahli and I will go to Joyce's for a while and then we go to a Birthday party at 4 o'clock.  Everyone has to bring an orange for the birthday boy.  They are a new couple in the Village so this will be like a Greet & Meet.  Gotta go!


  1. Hi Marge!

    Sounds like you are having a good time! The weather must have cleared up and warmed up some?!

    Weddings are always so much fun! What a cute little grand-nephew! I hope he had a wonderful birthday!


  2. Hi Marge;
    I finally posted a new entry about my new news and did some graphic changes. I won't post again until February when I'm all settled in.
    Save me some donuts so I can enjoy a goodie with my coffee. ;-}
    A very happy birthday to the birthday boy! Have a great Sunday my friend. Hugs

  3. Always something going on in your community! Cute Save the Date announcement- so it's this April then? You will be coming out to California for the wedding- how nice! Hope you have a great week ahead! (((Hugz)))

  4. you are a busy bee Marge! Just been having a little catch up to see what you've been up to so far this year ~ quite a lot by the looks of things!

    Downton Abbey. Well, liked it at first, but have to admit that I didn't watch any of it last year and I didn't bother to tune in to the Christmas special.
    I think Mr Fellowes has cottoned on to the fact that it's far more of a hit outside the UK, and has tailored it to that, rather than staying true to how it started. That's not meant to be an insult, but it just isn't as good as it was. In my opinion.

    Plus, killing off Cousin Matthew. Hmm. Wasn't happy about that at all!

    Have a lovely day, hope your wish of snow for us comes true, The Girl keeps wishing for it!

  5. Hi Marge! Wow 9 dozen donuts and a cup of coffee for a buck?!?! That's an incredible bargain! Congrats on the jack find. :) Hope you had fun at the birthday party! Sounds like you live in a pretty nice community! My in-laws live in a nice one just outside of Orlando. Hope you're having a great Monday! Hugs

    ps..what a cute announcement and congratulations! :)