Sunday, January 19, 2014

How much?

I try to keep things on the fun side here but every once in a while something happens  that's not so funny & this is one those times.  For lack of a better title, I'm going to call this my "THIS TAKES THE CAKE" story.

First, let me explain the graphic.  The butterfly shaped thing in the graphic to the left is a thyroid gland.   The 4 little yellow things are parathyroid glands.  These glands are in no way connected to each other except they are neighbors.  That's it.  OK so now you know what the picture means.

My primary physician thinks I have parathyroid disease so he has referred me to a clinic in Tampa called the Norman Parathyroid Center for evaluation.  Fortunately, they accept almost every insurance for the cost of the operation, including Medicare.  Our hospital, anesthesia team, x-ray, etc will also accept almost all insurance payments for the operation.
 (The rest is taken from their website word for word.)

HOWEVER, There is a $750.00 Consultation Fee that is charged to all Florida patients who go through our standard phone consultation process. 

This fee provides you with unparalleled access to the world's most experienced parathyroid team. You will be assigned to one of our coordinators who will be your contact person throughout this process (and for years after your operation). Your information will be gathered and organized from your doctors and then entered into our huge database of tens of thousands of parathyroid patients we have cured. Almost all cases are reviewed by at least 2 of our surgeons who will then determine what your best course of action should be.

One of the experts will call you on the phone and consult with you about your parathyroid disease, putting it in context with over 25,000 other patients that they have seen and our computer has analyzed. We will provide advice and consultation regarding your parathyroid status, your osteoporosis, your thyroid issues (nodules, etc) and your vitamin D status. 

IMPORTANT! Your insurance will not pay this consultation fee and it will be your responsibility. Of course this fee saves you the costs of an office visit, a day of travel to and from Tampa, and a night in a hotel.. and gets you the opinion of the most experienced parathyroid doctors in the world. However, this fee is NOT billable to your insurance company, so don't ask them to pay it--they will not--it is not their responsibility. 

Out of State Patients must pay a $1750 Consultation Fee. If you don't live in Florida, this is you. 

OK I know what you're thinking . . . I'm lucky I live in Florida. Right?  Yeah I know! So I'll not be complaining anymore.  They are allowing me to make payments of $125.00/month for the next 6 months for a total of $750 interest free.  Nice of them,huh?

Lesson:  don't get old, don't get sick and have plenty of money set aside for your retirement.


  1. Wow, Marge. I'm at a loss for words. No one should have to pay for a phone consultation. NO ONE. In fact, I thought the point of AHCA was to prevent things like this from happening? I don't think you're lucky to live in Florida, I think you're being screwed. Sorry to be so blunt. The healthcare system in this country makes me sick. Anyhow, sweetheart, I'm so sorry to read that you're sick and I hope you find the right endocrinologist to help you. Parathyroid disease is fairly common. We have a very good friend who went thru this and they removed part of her thyroid and she's great now! We also have a friend with a teenage daughter that had to have it done as well. Lots of prayers to you, sweetie. I hope you're better soon!

    1. sorry, I guess I wasn't at a loss for words after all. lol

  2. iWow that is a lot of money for the consult. We have Kaiser and we hardly pay for anything, but co pays have increased. Not sure what will happen after we turn 62. So did your family dr say you have this? My dad saw an endocrinologist for his under active thyroid and diabetes. He saw lots of drs so I wonder why none of them could figure he had liver disease? Just worried about his heart I guess. Have a nice week. Hugs