Thursday, January 23, 2014


Went to the movies last Friday planning to see "Saving Mr. Banks".  When we got there, we changed our minds and decided to see "August: Osage County".  BIG MISTAKE.  In a word, it was AWFUL.  Why would 2 such talented ladies be part of such a disaster?  During the film, you heard the F*** word at least 1000 times. Disgusting.  Depressing story line plus filthy language makes this film JUNK VIEWING.  Can you tell I'll be sticking to Disney movies in the future?


  1. Hi Marge! Wow, I'm quite surprised by your review. Isn't this movie up for all kinds of Oscars? Not that it means anything, Gravity is up for awards and I thought that movie was boring as anything. lol Hope you have a lovely Thursday! Hugs

  2. Hi Marge, thanks for the movie review. I hate the F word. I think they can make a movie without it. Too bad when 2 great actresses are in it. I plan to see the Disney movie this weekend. I am also trying to read more this year. Happy Thursday, hugs