Monday, February 10, 2014

Amanda . . .

Today is my granddaughter Amanda's 30th birthday. She is not only a wife and mother to Caden but also a Park Interpreter at Palomar Mountain State Park and Manager & Developmental Art Teacher at Gymboree. She also teaches a dance class on Wednesday afternoon's. Phew! Talk about busy.  She lives in Oceanside, California & is married to James Stewart.  Here's a few photos of Amanda in action.
Amanda at work.
Amanda at her dance class.
James, Caden & Amanda.

Happy birthday sweet girl.  Your gram loves all of you!

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  1. Nice picture Marge. I live about 90 minutes from Oceanside. It is a beautiful town. I once was busy like that. I love being retired! Hope you had fun at your fun day. Hugs