Monday, March 31, 2014

March is going . . . going . .

Is it gone yet?  Hope it goes out like a lamb where you are!  It's a gorgeous day here but I'm not going to dwell on that too much for fear of offending.  Really?

I watched Nebraska over the w/e and it was so enjoyable. It's definitely a film for one of us Senior citizens.  Since I'm one of them I could really relate.  I especially love Bruce Dern's wife played by June Squibb  & one of the sons played by Will Forte.

This one gets an A-.  No sex scenes, no violence & only 2 f*** words which were stuck in there so the film wouldn't get the PG13 rating.  I liked it alot.


  1. It has been gorgeous weather, hasn't it? Glad you enjoyed the DVD. I've been watching Hercule Poirot DVDs and love the mysteries! Hugs

  2. The lamb picture is so sweet.
    March really went out with a bang here as we were blustery and rainy all weekend.
    I went to the movies with my granddaughter and saw Divergent.
    Very exciting movie.