Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy 13th . . .

 to Miss Dahli.  She's finally a teenager.  We will celebrate today at Miss Joyce's.

She went to the groomer yesterday for her bath and pampering.  She looks pretty darn good for an  old lady even if I do say so myself.

Not so good with taking her picture.  Not even treats from Joyce seemed to distract her enough for me to get some decent shots.

Her coat is still long and she needs a good brushing every day but I'm seriously thinking about a puppy cut sometime soon. Less groomer, less brushing, less hassle.  Sounds good to me.

Happy Birthday Dahli and hope there's many more!!


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Dahli! She does looks pretty good! I got a puppy cut for Mandy and it is so much easier especially as flea season rolls around. Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. Miss Dahli looks like a princess already for her special party ball. I'm sure a wonderful time was had by all. ;-}

    Our weather has finally caught up the the Spring season. I'm enjoying opening my windows every afternoon. Have a lovely rest of the week my friend.