Sunday, May 25, 2014

soooooooooo cute . . .

Happy Sunday Morning!  I'm at the farm this w/e to celebrate Memorial Day.  I'll be going to Florida National Cemetery today to visit Dad but before I go I have some cute stuff to share.

The other day, Andy shared that Momma Bird had decided to build her nest in the Mulee so I was anxious to see the nest for myself.  No kidding.  So cute!

This is the Kawasaki Mulee

This is the dashboard of the Mulee with the nest in the cubby hole.

The nest.  Two little peeps are in there.  Last night, when I peeked in all I saw were 2 little open beaks waiting for some food.  Not sure what kind of bird it is but Andy says it stays on the grass & hops around.  She's a tiny bird and her eggs are the size of jelly beans.  Any guesses? So cute! 

Have to add a couple more pictures.
They are of the little birdes with their beaks open.  "hey Mom, I'm hungry!


  1. So cute! Birds find the most unique places to built a nest!

  2. Hi Marge, where is the farm at? Is it far from where you live?
    Have a nice time. Hugs