Saturday, July 26, 2014

CC #2

DAY #2 OF CHALLENGE . . .This is me being Creative with the Camera

Dahli and I took our usual ride around the Village and I took my camera with me for a change.  Here's some of pretty posey's I found.

These little yellow buttercups were poking their heads out from behind the water feature.

These Caladiums are in Ginny's yard.  The Caladium Festival is this w/e in Lake Placid, the caladium capital of the world. 

These purple posey's are in Porter's flower box. They look blue in this picture but they really are purple. I swear! 


  1. Hi Marge, what pretty flowers. I love your little house and how nice that you welcome the new people. Have a great Saturday. Hugs

  2. What a great way to spend the day Marge! I love your village flower photos. Where you live there must be loads and loads of different flowers and bushes. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day my friend.

  3. What gorgeous flowers :) I hope that you have a lovely day, Marge.

  4. Hi Marge!

    Sounds like you are having fun - as usual! I would love to drive around your village with you, take pictures, visit, and have a nice cold drink at your little house! I'll just bet you are a great neighbor!

    I love your pictures!


  5. Hi Marge! Take your camera more often! I love the pics. I'm never without mine. I love your little place! I remember years ago you shared a few pics of the inside & I fell in love with living little! Our home is huge though, but I'd love to simplify & downsize. I'm looking forward to seeing a blog post each day! I wish more would come back. Hugs!

  6. Pretty flowers. I remember your caladiums when I came to visit.

  7. Hi Marge!
    I am so glad that you took your camera! I love to see photos of flowers and those sure are pretty! You definitely need to take your camera more often with you too. :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs

  8. Lovely pictures Marge. *hugs*