Friday, July 25, 2014


Day1:  Today is Day 1 of a CHATTERBUG CHALLENGE to: blog everyday for 30 days.  I'm gonna give it a try . . . 

We have a new neighbor in Lake Bonnet Village.  This unit moved in over the w/e.  It's owned by a couple from Ohio.  Lot's of "welcome" messages posted for them on our Facebook page. 
They call this a Park Model.  By definition that means it has approx. 400 square feet. It's 12 feet wide x 33 feet long. This is the same type of unit that I live in and love it. 


  1. It is a cute model! Your home is adorable. I'm glad you have new neighbors. Will they live there year round?

  2. Hi Marge!
    Oh I love new neighbors! The chance to get to know someone new is exciting. :) That's a very cute model too! Hugs