Saturday, August 9, 2014

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Gadgets You Can't Do Without

So many gadgets fill our lives today. Standard things of the past are gone or going and our youngest generation cannot really relate to a lot of it.

So, what new fangled gadgets fill your life now and have become staples you would rather not do without? ( I have expanded the meaning of gadget to include larger appliances and technologies)

1. What kitchen gadget do you rely on the most?  (this would include fancy coffee makers, mixers, microwaves, etc.) The microwave & Mr. Coffee

2. Could you handle going back to the pre-microwave days? How about the days of making coffee on a stove top percolator? NO NO NO 

3. Would you miss your cell phone (If you have one. Some are still hold outs, God bless 'em) NO NO NO I have one. Seldom answer it but it's nice in case of an emergency.
4.  Could you turn off your computer and never bother with it again?  NO NO NO 

5.  What about television?  Could you give it up for just radio? NO NO NO 

6. Would you trade modern music venues for old 33  1/3 snap, crackle and pop recordings? NO NO NO 

What part of NO NO NO don't you understand, huh?

Thanks to ANNIE for another fun meme.


  1. I'm getting a pattern here. "No" means no, right? Have a great Sunday! Hugs

  2. LOLOL!! Marge I enjoyed your answers to Annie's meme especially the "NO NO" answers. Thanks for putting a smile on my face my friend. Hugs

  3. Hahaha! So I am not quite sure what you mean here... no, means no right? LOL