Monday, August 11, 2014

CC #18 of 30

It's a soap box kinda day for me so if you don't wanna listen then you best leave right now!  But if you wanna be EDUCATED and ENTERTAINED then stay tuned.  The topic for today is: BEEF.   The "it's what's for dinner" stuff - you know, BEEF

ABC News got my attention the other day when the announcer said: "The Lone Star Tick Bite Can Make You Allergic to Red Meat".  What?  

The Doctor on the show went on to explain that the allergy from the Lone Star Tick is to a SUGAR molecule in the meat. Did you know that you were eating SUGAR in your burger? in that steak? in the roast in the oven. 
Yep, you are! And here's WHY.

Most of the BEEF we eat comes from cows raised in feed lots.  If you wanna know what a feed lot is then go to Ontario California.  Even if you don't see it - you can smell it.

A feed-lot does exactly what it's designed to do.  It feeds the cows.  It feeds the cows CORN.  Specifically, GMO (genetically modifed) corn.  When they genetically modify corn they replace the protein molecules in the corn with SUGAR molecules.  The cows eat the sugar corn, they gain weight faster and go to market faster and the purveyors of BEEF make money faster.  There's no shortage of beef and prices stay affordable.  Everybody's happy.

Problem is:  you're eating sugar instead of protein.  Gee, I wonder why so many Americans are overweight?

So the next time you go to Mickey D's you'll get a sugar fix.  Sugar in the bun, sugar in the burger, sugar in the fries and sugar in the soda you drink. Yummy!!

I CONFESS:  I'm prejudiced.  My family has been in the cattle business since 1996 at South Fork Ranch in Clermont FL.  Our Brangus cows free-range and eat grass not sugar corn and never get antibiotics.  

So now that I've identified the problem, I should identify a SOLUTION.  Well, guess what, folks.  It's gonna take someone lots smarter than me to come up with a solution but maybe one of you out there in blog land will do exactly that.  That's all folks!! I'm officially OFF the soap box.  

Here's a place to start: Non GMO Project


  1. Hi Marge, thank you for your educational post. It amazes me how we (as a society) have no idea that is in our food. I hope you're having a terrific day! Hugs!

  2. This is why I have sworn off beef. They say that a single hamburger at a fast food place can contain beef for hundreds of different cows. Great post.

  3. Another great post! We're not completely off red meat but when we do eat it, we only eat organic grass fed meat. It really seems that nothing is safe to eat anymore.