Monday, August 18, 2014

CC #25 . . . 5 to go . . .


Thanks to Toni I found a new meme called Farm House Chat.

1. If you could bring someone to Patrice's porch to join in on our chat, who would you bring?   I thought that Toni extended such a friendly invitation to join that I couldn't resist. Hope some others feel that way after reading mine.

2. What's your favorite thing to make when fall rolls around?  Since my talents and level of creativity is severly limited, my favorite thing to would be to MAKE CHILI

3. How many times a month do you go to a library or bookstore?   TWICE A MONTH.  I usually hang out at the Library while Dahli is at the groomer's.  She's only there for an hour so that doesn't leave much time so the library fits the bill just fine.  My 2nd visit will be to return the book I borrowed.

4. What things make blogs the best?   I love pictures so I'm always attracted to those that have lots of photos and/or graphics.  The BEST BLOG in my opinion is :  SUSAN BRANCH

5. If someone would pay for you to take a class (any class- college-private-online-at a craft store-the sky's
the limit here, my friends), what class would you take?  Any graduate level nursing course that I could get my hands on.  I dropped out of grad school when my mom took sick and my dream is to return & finish.


  1. Great answers! I am sorry about the font, I tried making it bigger, and nothing works! Plus, I think I copied the wrong week on top of very thing! Lol

  2. I enjoy this meme too. I enjoy my library and I often do the same thing while Mandy is with the groomer.