Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CC #26 . . . 4 to go . . .

Tuesday, August 20, 2014

#12 Arts & Entertainment

1. Favorite Quote or Saying?
"A stitch in time, saves nine"

2. Favorite Poem or Ode?
"After a While" by Veronica A. Schoffstal 
Full poem HERE

3. Favorite Line from a Play, Book or Movie?
"You've Got Mail"

4. Favorite TV Show of All Time?

Thanks to Toni for another fun one.

on a sad note . . . a young man named Dean lives across the road from the farm.  He was found dead in his bed this morning. He leaves a wife and 3 children.  She is a nurse at our local hospital.  Please keep this young family in your thoughts & prayers. Thanks.


  1. Hi Marge, So sad for his family. I will send up a prayer.

  2. I'm so sorry for the man's family. He must have been fairly young. I will keep the family in prayer. Such a shock. I enjoyed your answers. I didn't get to Toni's meme yet. Maybe today. Hugs

  3. Hi Marge! So sad to hear of this young man's death. I will keep them in my prayers. I enjoyed your answers to Toni's meme, and I do like the poem! Thanks for sharing my friend! Hugs!